Vero 4k+ wont play files after some time, rebooting fixes the issue

I have an issue with my Vero 4k+. After using it for some time (10 min - a couple of hours), the unit will not play most content - audio and video. This problem occurs after switching from content to content , some add-on content - some on my home network,

It is hard to reproduce, I have not found a way to cause it to happen.

When it happens: I try to play a file and the screen blinks, then nothing. When I try to play the first song on an album it looks like it is trying to play all the songs real fast one after another. I still have full navigation control and can reboot.

Rebooting fixes the problem until it happens again.

The only thing different that I can remember is that this started happening after running the texture cashe utility to clean out old thumbnails from the database.

Here is my log


Before I check the log: are you turning the TV or any AV equipment off during this period?


No, I am not.

Your system seems to be running low on free memory when you try and play files and have no luck. Does disabling some add-ons (such as Twitch), resolve the problem?


I will try but it started happening when Twitch and YouTube were disabled. At the time this issue started happening they were both disabled because the current versions of the addons had issues, they both have been updated since then and now work.

Seems you just have a single resolution (4k) whitelisted. Thats not the best usage of whitelisting.

I tried disabling the most of the addons and then the others, it doesn’t seem related to any one particular addon.

It almost never happens if I don’t use addons and watch local content over my home network.

The memory usage keeps rising as I go in and out of twitch, youtube, radio, addons.

Thanks for you advice.

I watch a lot of standard definition content that my TV doesn’t support (TV doesn’t support the frame rate at that resolution) , so I let the Vero 4k+ upscale the video all the way to 4k so it doesn’t get upscaled twice.

From the guide: In addition, if the TV screen is 4K resolution, then without a whitelist a low resolution video is scaled twice: once by Kodi to 1080p and once by the TV from 1080p to 4K. Doing all of the scaling in one step is preferable.

It also happens when I don’t use any addons, it just takes longer. As I play video and audio the memory usage keeps rising until it needs to be rebooted.

I am confident that reinstalling the software will fix it but I was wondering if there is something else that might work before I do that.

You might try removing any add-ons installed with 3rd party repo’s.

I will try that, thanks. There is only one addon that I use that does not come from the official repo. And I use 3 from the official repo.

I reinstalled the software and addons, and everything is working great, smooth like butter.

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