Vero black screen overnight

This has happened several times after latest update.
What I know:
Red led on backside flashing (lan?)
Browsing IP adress shows blank page.
Yatse remote says offline.
Pulling hdmi and putting back does nothing.
Pulling power is only fix for this.
So I guess this is not a sleeping “gpu”?

Any tip or what to look for next? I guess there is no log to get from this?


We are aware of this problem and are working on it


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I have seen 2 updates since this post, but issue is still there, but now with osmc menu frozen when left for some time, and is now very frequent. Same issue? Any thing I can do to help?

I’m having the same problem.
I just ssh in every day, do a sudo reboot and then it works. Same thing every day.
Works for now, but eagerly await a fix!

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Any risk of breakage? If no, I will give it a go :smile:

Should be fairly safe.

If you have a problem booting let us know - there is a way to revert to your previous kernel by putting the SD card into a PC and renaming/copying a couple of files.

Before installing the kernel take a note of your current running kernel version displayed by running ‘cat /proc/version’.

There is no need to do this now. Just upgrade via My OSMC as this fix has been pushed to release.


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