Vero Remote Codes for Harmony Remote

I would like get my Vero working with my Harmony remote, can you post instructions or codes for that?

I am using the Plex player device under the Harmony, it controls the ATV1 nicely w/ all the buttons, can this be received by the vero?

I think Vero is officially coming as a selectable device in the Harmony setup program soon? In the meantime you can select the “Windows MCE” remote in “My OSMC” - Remotes and also program your Harmony and add a “Windows MCE” device. This is working for me, but I don’t think I got all the buttons covered, but it’s working OK.

Wow, finally I got my Harmony with MCE working in OSMC :smile:
I just got one little problem. I´m currently using a FLIRC adapter to control my Pi, because the software gives me the opportunity to configure the adapter in the way I want it for the MCE Remote Profil of my Harmony.
By this I mean I can use special keys in Kodi like F12 or something else where I already configured something in the keymaps.xml.
I´m unable to make this modification to the lirc.conf to get the same result just withouth the FLIRC adapter.
Does anybody know how to do this?
Or will there be an easy way in the final version of OSMC learning IR Codes an bind them to keys?

At this time I don’t think the vero/osmc remote codes are in the Harmony database, so your best bet is to learn the codes directly from the osmc remote - assuming you have a model of Harmony that can do IR learning.

The Vero remote’s technical documentation is now available (including a listing of the remote codes)


I have added a new action to my Harmony 650, I called it “TV Vero”. All the needed devices for this action are powered on when I select this action,the HDMI-entrance for the Vero at the AVR is set then. All the 13 commands from Veros remote I added successfully via IR-Learning to the Harmony. Works perfect, I prefer to use the Harmony as remote for Vero because the signal is much stronger and my wife likes this solution because we have less devices on the table now. :smile:

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Btw. can you pin a picture of the IR-receiver so I can find out if I can place it inside my Raspberry Case.

We changed our web setup. Try

The receiver is a TSOP4838


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Thanks works. The TSOP4838 just as it is? Nothing around for the Pinheader?

We ship ribbon cables for now. We did consider a header PCB but it didn’t seem a good idea


Hi Sam, is it possible that I get the hex codes for the IR remote for OSMC Vero? I want to make this available to the NEEO driver team so that they can create a profile for the remote ( Thanks in advance!!

Sorry – I missed your previous request. I’ll see if I can dig them up!


Hi Sam, thanks! I will wait for the hex codes.

Here you go.

We haven’t produced this remote for a couple of years however, so I’m not sure how many are still in circulation / being used

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