Vero4k doesn't see SMB shares on wired gigabit network

As title explain when I browse for SMB shares located on a WIN7 pc I select browse than i select WORKGROUP (that is the name of my network group) but V4k say “invalid argument” and find nothing.
Please help since with a broken LAN sharing feature for me vero4k is completely useless


After following the tutorial Configuring fstab based Samba share mounts works since I have always INVALID ARGUMENT when i try to browse my smb shares
selecting WORKGROUP
In addition after the FSTAB mod I’m not able anymore to connect my UPNP shared library that worked before this change

I have replied to your email about this. In short:

UPNP and Samba are different protocols, so they’re not

The first thing I would do is try lowering Samba to SMBv1. This may allow you to browse your shares if your Samba Server (i.e. NAS or PC) is a legacy or insecure device. There are however security implications of doing this.

If you use the fstab method, then no browsing is necessary. You just select the mount point.