Vero4k+ usb h265 signal loss


so in that case my cable should be just fine. i thought it wouldnt be cable as using same one for pc and no issue.
will stick to using vero 4k for tv playback and pc for projector. thanks for help.
possibly a problem with projector and vero then.


ive ordered better hdmi cable coming tomorrow but also removed the usb hub i orderrd from because before i tested mostly with my 3 self powered seagate desktop harddrives plugged into that, tried a few movies with hub plugged in its with its own power and without still had issues.

then i tried using the osmc hub on my pc with the 3 harddrives plugged in watched the same movie same setup through kodi and no signal loss.

so thinking after watching through pc with hub the hub cant be the issue but…


i tested movie last night with no added hub 2 powered usb drives plugged into vero using xbox remote.

and movie played back without signal loss.

will do further testing after work today without hub. i guess its possible the osmc hub is doing something to interfere with signal somehow.???

wife watched same movie today where signal loss occured when watching with hub tbis time used without hub and was fine.
so every movie with hub failed and 2 tested without we had no signal loss. is this possible for the hub to interfere?


No – it shouldn’t cause any interference.
I suspect something else has changed in your environment.

Do the USB hard drives have detachable USB cables or are they attached to the caddies?


3 seagate usb harddrives 4, 4,5 tb
all use their own power adapters into mains.
and own attachable usb leads into hub

not really doing anything different.

the hub i got from osmc. tv has all 3 drives in.
that plugs into usb on vero

all drives powered on.

ive tried leaving hub exact same as plugged into vero and plugging into pc and using same hdmi port on av receiver as pc uses to rule out that even tried using same hdmi cable from my 4k bluray player and pc on vero.

no other device gets signal loss.

done so much testing watched movies all way through.

hub has been main difference but logic tells me if the hub was playing up it wouldnt have signal loss but would stutter or i would see the loading sign which i dont.

when signal goes out it take approx 1 minute to sort out screen goes black and flashes several times.

usually i pause it and it comes back to normal.


Do you have the hub powered?
If the hub was problematic you would indeed have problems buffering as the attached peripherals wouldn’t be working.

Your log doesn’t show loss of signal; did you experience it when you had uploaded the log?
If you can reproduce debug logs when it happens it will be helpful.

Do you have a long HDMI cable run?
If so – I suggest enabling HPD Lock under Settings -> Display. This requires a reboot.


i did experience it with log but wasnt sure if the right log was uploaded.
yes 10m but when using intel nuc pc with kodi and even 3d iso all works without signal loss.

i will try the lock thanks for that tip.

i will enable logging again is it possible to do that without it showing on movie.


If you just upload all logs that will help.

If the cable is touch and go this can sometimes happen. I have a 15M run to my projector and had to replace it due to some issues with an Xbox 360; but this isn’t practical for all. You will probably notice this issue only occurs with 4K content if the cable is to blame.

The HPD Lock will probably be good enough to resolve it.


update All working now.

tested all the previous movies what failed with signal loss all played back without problem.

I didnt use the new hdmi cable.

I cant 100% advise what it was what fixed it.

but these are the only things I changed incase anyone else has similar problem.

Started turning off my tv on mains as i noticed with denon av receiver when tv is in standby and watching through projector checking my hdmi signals hdmi monitor info shows both signals for tv and projector.
by switching tv off this stops that.

next movie was fine

then added hdp hdmi lock as sam advised.

and all rest of movies played without signal loss including 4k movies h265 to 1080p projector.

here is my setup whats working.

denon x2500h av receiver
samsung uhd7100 tv
benq w1070 projector.

osmc usb hub
3x seagate usb self powered desktop drives
own ac adapeters
(im not using hub power adapter as it works good without ive tested speeds with and without they are the same)
own control xbox 360 not using dongle
hub plugged into black usb nearer to front
all 3 drives switched on plugged into the 3 ports away from the power end.

disabled youtube addon (probally fine)

vero plugged into hdmi port 6 on av receiver although this didnt seem to matter.

i also like to switch my vero on first then turn on my usb drives on wall when its booted up.
if i forget i just restart vero device
not sure if this step is needed but feels like a good idea.

what i like most about this setup compared to having just my intel pc is i dont have to think at night after watching a movie on pc to safely remove harddrives to turn them off when leaving pc on at night.
also this device handles h265 files alot better than my pc.
colour range is darker and maybe intel pc looks better video quality sometimes but that depends on what your preference is.
Im very happy with it so far.
transferring new movies is easy i just unplug the usb cable from vero which is next to pc and all 3 drives show up on pc for fast copying 5mins approx for 15gb.

hope this helps anyone who has similar issue.



sorry to hijack your thread udellrich but i have an almost similar issue and i’m not able to find a certain cause but i suspect the Denon is the issue, since i have a x2400h at home.

I play a 4K Movie (havent really checked the caracteristics of the files i have), and at first i immediately become a notification From my TV. Something like “no source found, please enable HDMI/arc on the sound options” (which is already enabled!).
After 1 or 2 seconds the Movie plays just fine, the only thing i notice are sound hiccups every 20 seconds or so, very annoying.

So i Stop the movie, and open it again. No notification this time, no noticable sound hiccups (at least not in that timespace like before), everything fine.

480, 720 or 1080p content has none of these problems.

So i suspect our Denons HDMI connections are very “Picky” with the Vero. Even when i wake up the vero From standby, the TV/AVR source does not Switch automatically to “Media Player” where the vero is connected. I have to enable HDMI2 input on the TV and Media Player on the Receiver.

More: i already tested 3 HDMI cables. Only with the 2 high speed 18gbps cables i bought From amazon i can get it display an image. If i use the one included with the vero, no image.

Even More: if i mess around with HDMI/arc settings, like for example enabling/disabling no thing works anymore. I have to cut all 3 devices From the power source, and then plug in the HDMI cables gently 1 by 1 for it to eventually work.

And i’m also using the 3.0 Hub i bought with vero, playing From my non powered USB HDD.

These are the reasons i think it has Something to do with our denons

Just my 2 cents Here.

Cheers to all

Mario Pedro


hi mario,

thanks for information.

with the setup im using above all is fine.

i personally dont think its a receiver issue as i have it all working now. just a setup issue but it is possible the denon dont work well with vero.


Yeah, i don’t know but something is not 100% right i guess. :confused:

Glad you managed to get your setup working fine

Would you mind explaining exactly what you mean with:

“i also like to switch my vero on first then turn on my usb drives ON WALL when its booted up.”?

transferring files to my HDD connected to the Vero maxes out at 2mb/s… Don’t know why. And accessing the HDD From the Phone when i’m abroad connected to OpenVPN, doesn’t work either

It worked previously when the HDD was connected to the home Router.


Mario Pedro


thanks i hope you can sort yours out i mean that i power vero on first then once thats booted up i turn my drives on.

also try making sure tv is off on wall.

my usb drives are usb 3 and powered so probally why faster ( unless you mean you transfer over network) . i just take out the blue hub cable in the vero and plug it into my pc which is next to it when adding new movies

also check firmware updates on tv, vero, receiver

also make sure hdmi cable from av receiver to tv is plugged into hdmi port with arc on tv

any more info you need just msg


How are you transferring these files?
2MB/s suggests SFTP to me.


Thx for the replys

I’m transferring files over the network. The drive is shared with SMB. Don’t even know what sFTP is sorry :smile:

I think it might have Something to do with permissions since i cannot access the drive with OpenVPN like i did on the Router. but i’m not a Linux expert…


Everything is updated, i’m using the arc Port of course and my drive is 3.0 too :slight_smile:

It has to be a hdmi handshake Problem. I might try to order 2 More expensive HDMI cables on amazon. If it doesn’t fix the problem i just return it.

And i’ll try the HDP Lock “thing” that Sam suggested. I have a LG Tv, so that might help.

Take care

Mario Pedro


i would recommend these IBRA Orange HDMI Cable - UHD HDMI 2.0 (4K@60Hz) -18Gbps-28AWG
of amazon.

i never had issues with vero and tv just my projector which uses a different cable but my issues where not hdmi cables.