Video file size

When entering a folder that contains a video file, I can see file name, codec, resolution, audio format, and movie length, but not file size. How do I see the size?

It used to be displayed right there next to the file name.

You can use the file manager to do that

Settings -> File Manager

I realize that there are ways to find out the file size if you really want to. But why not do it the same way Estuary and all other Kodi skins do it? File size is useful information, was there a good reason to remove it?

Might be the following topic is the appropriate one to address your enhancement request?

Hmm, I thought there was a response by @Chillbo in this thread but can’t see it anymore. It’s probably better to stick to the official skin that’s tied to the physical product, since it’s being developed especially for it.

Maybe @sam_nazarko is open to adding file size to the list view? It’s only a few extra characters, and the information is relevant and useful.

If it can be done trivially, then I can see it’s value and why it should be added.


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Looked into it… Can’t be done in library view as the file size is only available for skins in file view.

Will implement it in file view though.

Yes, I was talking about file view. Thank you!

So you are a developer of OSMC too, @Chillbo? How big is the team?

OSMC is opensource, everyone can be a developer.


I meant how big :yum:

And I answered. As it is opensource the development team is infinite as people can come and go.


The nature of open source is that people float in and out.
There are a large number of regular people, myself included.

We’re always short of skinners however; so we always progress slowly on that front unfortunately. We appreciate feedback but can’t always act on it within the timeframe we’d like to normally achieve.

I do understand that there are some pending improvements that will be made available for testing shortly, so keep your eyes peeled.

Is OSMC a skin? Or is it a version/fork of Kodi?

Thank you. Any chance to see it in the March update?

OSMC is a distribution based on Debian, It’s optimized to run on Pi and Vero hardware to act as a media center using Kodi.

The OSMC skin is a Kodi skin included in the distribution.