Video playlists showing “Path not found or invalid”

Sorry, just one more followup… So now that I’m not using nodes, how do I remove the Concerts from my “Movies” listing? Is it still with the following instructions?

Oh - and make it two followups - The Concerts do not show anything when you scroll over them like the Movies and TV Shows. Once I click on it then I see them. Is there any way to make this work with the playlist approach?

You would have to follow the part of my convoluted method that covers that. The default movie view is to just show all movies in the video library. I covered how to edit those out of the movie node, and then how to change the movie home menu link to point to the now edited node.

I’m not 100% sure I understand what your seeing. It should show up the exact same way including allowing you to select the layout view you want from the slideout menu.