Videos in Vero4k -> No Preview Image?

I noticed that there are no preview images for my Videos.
Is this an OSMC issue?

Some of my Videos shows the preview images normally.

Example 1:

Example 2:


Can you check ‘Extract thumbnail’ setting is enabled in Kodi’s Settings? You might need to enable expert mode.

Can you also paste a debug log, it may give some clues. Thumbnails should be extracted from the video by ffmpeg.



the Extract Options are both activated.

Meanwhile I have also noticed that all videos (h264 and h265) have no Preview Images or don’t extract them. The Images who was displayed me, were the “old” imported ones, from my pi3.

Strangely enough you seems to miss an option which in English is called “Extra thumbnails from video files”.
The option you have in English is “Extract chapter thumbnails”

BTW, if you want to provide logs use the OSMC paste page no one will open files from a 3rd party page

Can you try switch to English as @fzinken suggests and see if the option appears?

It’s also possibly related to this thread: Unable to enable <extractthumb> - #8 by tim1

If that advice helps let me know and I will take a closer look



I don’t think your Issue has something to do with the language setting…
In Estuary the description box on the bottom says in both languages the same.

It’s the same in English

Both activated

As mentioned something strange there, maybe a bug.
This is how it should look like. Maybe try to change it directly in the config file as it is explained in the link Sam has sent.

I had tried to change the settings in guisettings.xml and restarted, but no changes to see.

Here my logs:


Today I have done an complete reinstall from the Vero 4k.
Interesting is that the visible options are absolutly the same as in my already posted screenshot…

Thats a bit strange… I also tested different languages and different Skins, but always only 2 options. The third is missing.

Manual changes don’t change anything.

I’m currently unable to provide a screenshot but I’m in the same camp as MoD256. I also get the “combined” line that says:

Extract thumbnails and video information

instead of

Extract video information from files
Extract thumbnails from video files

This is on Estuary, which could have a bearing on the issue, and I chose Estuary on my 4K right from the start. Changing to the OSMC skin doesn’t change the menu I see. The install language was English.

After further investigation I have found an partial solution.

Important are 2 files/commands.

sudo nano /usr/share/kodi/system/settings/settings.xml


sudo nano /home/osmc/.kodi/userdata/guisettings.xml

in both files you can edit the option:

extractthumb default=“true”>false<

You have to change the false to true and then save the changes, then you can/must restart OSMC.

This seems to be the only way to get the option activated also after an restart.

But the extractthumb command seems generally to be a little bit buggy.

On some of my videofiles it’s able to get the previewthumb on some not.

Example for didn’t extract:

Examples for did extract:



Seems a bit buggy.
I’ll take a look tomorrow and get this resolved.

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Okay, I can fix the thumbnail extraction behaviour in the next update

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What about the differing menus? How did that one occur?

I believe that is also a bug

Which is correct? Combined line or separate lines?

I guess 3 seperate lines should be correct.


Just to inform: The problem also is persistent in the newest Update. The thumbnail extraction continues to be buggy.

What source are you using?
Is there a certain file type that doesn’t generate thumbs?
Do you have a debug log for when thumbnail extraction fails?

I made some changes in the April update and don’t experience the issue anymore

That was an generally problem for me. But I have done some investigation.
Deletion of the Textures13.db in /home/osmc/.kodi/userdata/Database
plus restarting the Vero seems to solute the problem. He needs some time to extract all screenshots from all Files, but I will observe this and report if there are further problems.

Edit: Actually no more problems recognizable. All thumbnails are shown.

Excellent. Well done on investigating the issue yourself.

Let me know if things persist and I’ll take a further look