View Ubuntu PC desktop on OSMC Raspberry Pi

I am trying to use my Raspberry Pi 2 running OSMC to view my Ubuntu PC’s desktop. If I’ve found something in my browser that I want to share on the screen, I’m not able to do that (unless I can download it, which isn’t always possible).

I’ve been unable to locate software which can stream my desktop. There is a “Desktop Sharing” thing, but it doesn’t seem to be anything that OSMC can view… at least not without an addon maybe.

I tried looking for a VNC client for OSMC but I was unable to find one.

I think the best option is probably still to find a DLNA streamer for Ubuntu desktop, but I’m not aware of any. So I’m stuck.

Any ideas?

Why don’t you access the source directly from the Pi - it would seem rather inefficient to view it on your desktop PC and then view the whole desktop view on the Pi (and you probably won’t have the resources on the Pi to do it, anyway)?

It’s interesting, since you could use a headless PC with high resources using your always connected Raspberry, for example.

Did you try these? (installing them to the OSMC, and running a VNC server in you Ubuntu PC desktop)

This will not work on OSMC as the VNC client would require an X server which you don’t have on OSMC.

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Sorry for the late reply but is this something you are looking for?

HOW TO install DirectVNC client