Visualisations? Screensavers? Missing after Jarvis Upgrade

My FISHbmc visualisation is missing? I primarily use my ATV for music and the visualisation is a very desirable part of the experience. I found this command on the KODI forum:

sudo mv /usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/addons/* /usr/lib/kodi/addons/

But, I get “no such file or directory”. Is there a different directory on the ATV from where I can recover my visualisations and screensavers? Thanks.

Can you reinstall the addons from the repository?

Negative. There is nothing listed in the repository to reinstall. This thread on the KODI forum goes into more detail:

Post #8 says “kodi-visualisation-*s… are installed to the wrong directory” and that a ticket has been opened with KODI. This is where I saw the terminal command that I tried to run. I’m asking if there is a different dir in the OSMC installation that I would need to move files from in order to restore the visualisations?

So, am I the only one without music visualisations? Do I need to reinstall OSMC or something? Anyone with any solution? This is so frustrating, the one thing I mainly used my OSMC/KODI/ATV installation for is now gone with the Jarvis upgrade. Appreciate some feedback, anything, thanks.

A forum search before posting is always desirable Kodi 16.0 - No audio visualization available - #6 by LinkeLoutje

OK, I saw that in the Raspberry Pi section. This is an Apple TV. And without an old installation to copy files from? I’m just out of luck? Is there a workaround for the ATV? Are the visualisations going to be restored in a future update?

Bumping this thread… I wound up reloading both of my ATV’s with the OSMC version that was available prior to the Jarvis update and turning off auto-updates. I’d appreciate it if someone would update this thread if/when an update of OSMC/Jarvis gets pushed, and all of the screensavers/visualisations are available again on the ATV? I’d like to keep current on the updates but, I also want to keep my visualisations (specifically FishBMC) for music available so, I’ll just stand pat here for now and wait for an update that clears this up.

I never really saw any ATV users post in this thread as to whether they were experiencing this issue as well? Is it a known issue for all ATV users or an anomaly that only I was experiencing? Thanks.

No, you’re not alone. I’ve spent a couple hours trying to get this resolved on my own but to no avail. It would be great if on the next update the OSMC ATV1 peeps could reincorporate the visualizations and screensavers. If this can’t be done, a walk-through on how we can do it ourselves would be nice.

The new binary add-on screensavers depend on ‘cpuid.h’ which is not included on all systems. This means a lot of screensavers have to be excluded on Raspberry Pi. Also for Raspberry Pi – some depend on OpenGL…

On AppleTV, some add-ons have problems building for i386. I did not have time to build a whitelist for these add-ons, and for all platforms, the list of what can’t be built is larger than the list of add-ons that can successfully be built.

These will not likely come back until v17. You are free to build them yourself however. Just remove atv-007-use-OSMC-Jarvis-repository-for-binary-addons.patch from patches/ at build time. Then you either try and build all add-ons (which won’t work) or try and systematically build them individually to work out what ones do. To do this, you need to fork the upstream binary add-ons repository. Disable all add-ons and enable each screensaver.* until you get a broken one, then disable it permanently. Unfortunately I don’t have the time at the moment to go and test each screensaver / vis individually.