VPN Interface for future releases


First thank you for the great work on OSMC! And also a special thanks to everyone on the forum for great support.

I have future feature request that I hope will be part of OSMC.

For my usage of OSMC I regularly need to change VPN configuration from one country to anotmer due to Speed/available connentions etc. And My wife also need to be able to do this :smile:

I have read in different forums that the general impression is that e.g OpenVPN should not be a part of OSMC/Kodi as it is more related to the os. However I don’t see why the difference is so big between an os and OSMC/kodi For the regular end user (my wife) it is the same.

Many people today uses VPN services and it seems to be a growing market. Also with all the new ISP blocking/logging/monitoring more and more are using VPN.

But anyway to save the trouble scripting etc. I think it could be a huge benefit for OSMC to include a simple VPN interface in a future release.

Thank you all,


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There are plans to add integrated OpenVPN support to OSMC in the future, however there is a lot of other higher priority work to be done on OSMC first.

Doing OpenVPN setup via a GUI interface is quite complicated behind the scenes (there are so many different VPN configurations out there) that we’d rather do it right than rush something out that doesn’t work for most people.

In the mean time it is possible to manually install and configure OpenVPN - there are a few tutorials out on the internet, the main thing to keep in mind is that OSMC is based on Debian Jessie and uses connman for the network manager and systemd for the init system, and not all tutorials will be written with this in mind.


Sounds very good it is in the roadmap. I’m aware of the many options I also just mention OpenVON as one of them.

For me the GUI interface is the essential part for our house to be able fully to utilize OSMC, I know how to ssh in and change configs but my wife don’t.

I appreciate you guys will not rush a good implementation.

Looking forward to follow the development!


There is already a nice VPN client plugin for Kodi. It works and is dead simple to use. I posted details:

There is already a nice VPN client plugin for Kodi. It works and is dead simple to use. I posted details here:

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Yeah Openvpn really covers all the vpn needs, most serious vpn providers support this again including to much in a distro can be a distros weakness if there are addons that can do exactly what its supposed to why include it

The brianhornsby.com script doesn’t seem to work with OSMC release, at least not for me. I think the problem is it wasn’t designed to work with connman. I get the following error…

Fri Jul 10 19:04:24 2015 /sbin/ip route del
Fri Jul 10 19:04:24 2015 /sbin/ip route add via
RTNETLINK answers: File exists
Fri Jul 10 19:04:24 2015 ERROR: Linux route add command failed: external program exited with error status: 2

Openvpn installed on the system?

apt-get install openvpn

Yes, the error message i posted was from running
sudo openvpn --config /path/of/config.ovpn

Works fine on ubuntu using network-manager but fails on debian-jessie running connman. I think connman doesnt allow default route to be removed. There is a connman-vpn package but that looks tricky for a novice to set up.

Thanks for the reply