VPN Manager for OSMC


Great! Let me know if you have any further queries.



If ordering from the US. How do I go about getting the sale price? Coupon code? Not sure how currency conversion works, I’ve never bought anything international. I’m hoping to stay under $150 US shipped. You can PM me if need be, thanks.


The discount is applied at checkout.

Current (mid market) rate is $135. Shipping is free and there are no duties / customs fees to pay.

If you pay with PayPal, you can see the exact amount in USD you will pay, although they tend to be a bit mean with their rate.

If you pay via Credit Card or Bank Transfer, then the rate is set by your bank.



Ok cool, PayPal showed $143, So they have about a 6% conversion fee, my credit card 3%…

Either way it’s still under $150US, so I’m a new customer!

Looking fwd to enjoying & learning more along the way.



Out tomorrow for you with tracking. You’ll get an email when it’s dispatched

Thanks for your support


Great looking fwd to the email!


Anyway to get this acct back? I had to make a new acct, it wouldn’t let me retrieve old act


Yep — I have covered this in your other post


This old thread, but will a future version of OSMC have a VPN setting that could be configured GUI?

I been running Vero 4K without vpn this entire time :slightly_frowning_face:


You can install the Brian Hornsby add-on in the interim for a GUI that lets you configure VPN.



Is there a how-to-thread for it? I’d like to find out how/where to download, install, setup.



It’s just a Kodi add-on.



I didn’t want only kodi vpn but one actually on the osmc os.
Managed to get through the guide here:

I setup pia but would love an app that once you’ve setup you can swop between countries easily. First time with ssh and kodi on linux.
You have to take the steps slowly and nano isn’t easy for a newbie.
For those that think it’s too daunting it isn’t that complicated just finicky compared to windows.

Thanks to the guide writer.