Watching recorder video soft hang?

Possibly related to this: Hard hang post-mortem? - #8 by AndersG but I have not gotten around to editing the config files to remove the on-screen display :slightly_smiling:

Anyway. This has happened a few times: You watch a recorded film from TVHeadend. After say 50 minutes it freezes. The Pi is not hung, you can exit with X and after a while the GUI comes back. You can naviigate, but it i e-x-t-r-e-m-e-l-y slow. Say a minute between keypresses. Saw nothing odd in top, but had to reboot as family wanted to watch the last bit of the film :frowning:

Only other thing I noticed was that the SD disk led was flashing frantically.

Did a sudo reboot and watched the rest of the film

Any ideas?

You should provide logs when this happens.

Could be a problem with power or also a failed sdcard.

It sounds like a memory leak. When memory gets very low it gets very slow. Leaving it longer would probably cause kodi to be killed and restarted.

The leak was found with a recording from tvheadend. Apparently the latest tvheadend server doesn’t cause the issue (it related to storing unused streams in the file).

There is a fix for this, but it’s not in current stable build (hopefully will be in next update).

The fix should be in the testing builds:

but be aware these are bleeding edge, so could have other issues. May be interesting to learn if that build fixes the issue.

Thanks. I run TVH 4.0.7 sounds plausible what you say. Given all the hoops I had to go through with TVH, especially with oscam and XMLTV I’d rather wait for the fix in Kodi. Right now, TVH 4.0.7 has been rock-solid. Running on an OpenSUSE box with three tuners. Two DVB-T and one DVB-C.

Any ideas when the new Kodi will make mainstream?

And yes. I know I should provide logs, but I outlined the reasons for not doing so.

I will definitely check free memory if and when the issue shows up again.

Kodi is currently in Beta 5, so it’s getting near.

I’ll make v16 test builds available as soon as they’re published by the Kodi team and a final build shortly after that.