When playing a standard definition video, or a 720p/24 video, is there any way to completely avoid upscaling?

It says it’s uploaded logs to https://paste.osmc.tv/fenulerafu

I’ve uploaded a short (11s) test clip that I happened to have lying around - it’s 576i/50. Let me know if you need a longer one.

Good. So your EDID is advertising 4:3 modes. You will see I’ve prodded the Kodi guys.

Yes, I saw that, thanks. :grinning:

Is there anything else you need from me at the moment?

Did they ever get back to you?


Hi grahamh
I can report that this is still an issue with Kodi 19.3 on the Vero 4k+
Would it be possible to contact the Kodi developers again please?

This issue would benefit DVD playback at native resolution

This is a 3 year old thread. I’d suggest you open a new thread and include debug logs so we can verify your settings. Also you are asking about DVD playback, that would not be 720P.

Have you tried using the Whitelist?

This might be it about 576p for PAL DVD
I fret making a new thread because it might be a Kodi issue
I didn’t try the whitelist i changed the resolutions on the GUI and checked screen calibration
I would prefer not to have to post logs because I checked on two different TVs with different supported resolutions
It’s resolutions below 720 that are scaled to 4:3

Just to note that this has been working correctly on the Vero 4K for a long time, now. But you do need to use the whitelist feature to make it work.

Please check out my whitelist guide for the settings: [HowTo] Guide to the Kodi whitelist function and related settings

In particular, you need to whitelist 480p and 576p modes, and set “Display 4:3 videos as” to “Use HDMI AVI Signalling”. But see my guide for more detail.

Thanx for the guide, I’ve read it before
I tried hdmi avi signaling but if I select 480p or 575p for the gui and check screen calibration the square is not square
angry.sardine if you try the same, I believe you will see the problem. Try setting the GUI to 576p and go to screen calibration and look at the square please.

You shouldn’t be using any screen calibration or setting the GUI to anything other than 1080p. This doesn’t seem like you read the guide.

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I used screen calibration to adjust the subtitle bar for the different resolutions because you have to set it independently

Why the hell would you do that? :laughing:

If you want to change the vertical position of the subtitles, fine; but you must leave everything else in the calibration screens set to their default values, otherwise you eliminate the benefits of using a whitelist. So, I really don’t think it matters what the calibration screen looks like at 576p.

Before I knew about screen fit/ just scan/full pixel I would calibrate the videos to make them fit in the screen for the different resolutions and refresh rates but I found out it affects picture quality cause of the scaling. If the square is not square on the calibration for the resolution (of which subtitles should only be changed) then the same wrong pixel ratio would exist in the video aswell no? (Putting back the gui to 1080p and playing a video in the resolution that was calibrated for subs and thereafter playing the video). Some resolutions above 720p are affected by the wrong pixel ratio also so I took them of my whitelist

Edit: If you prefer you can press back or tab during playing a dvd and navigate to screen calibration to see the square is not square

No. If you use HDMI signalling, your TV is taking 720 pixels and expanding them to 768 or reducing them to 640 to get the 4:3 ratio. The calibration screen just stretches everything out to a 16:9 ratio - hence unsquare square.

Thanx for the info but I tested a 16:9 video without hdmi avi signaling

As Graham says, no. The calibration screen is designed for output modes where the pixels are square. In 576p or 480p, the pixels are rectangular, so the image of the square won’t look square, even though the calibration is actually correct. It’s the calibration screen that’s wrong, not the image.

On the Vero 4k+ all resolutions below 720p and above: 1280x800, 1280x1024, 1366x768, 1440x900, 1680x1050
The above 720p should be square pixels

Edit: just found out the below are mostly 4:3 and the above 720p resolutions aren’t 16:9
Thanx grahamh and angry.sardine

That’s very helpful