Which resolutions whitelist?

Hello, i want to use whitelists on my vero 4K+.
I mostly watch 4K, sometimes 1080, and very sometimes 720.
Which resolutions should i whitelist ?
I have a samsung q85 where i watch my content on.

thanks in advance Tom

Your best bet is to just experiment. Try turning on the whitelist for the various resolutions. If you don’t like the results then turn off the whitelist for that resolution.

You will find a rather comprehensive guide here…

Yes, i already read that one, but i couldn’t figure out which resolutions to whitelist for my tv specific

In what way is your TV different from other TVs that would have an influence on that?

Sorry for the misleading info, i m just a new learner here, so maybe best is to whitelist all the available resolutions?

Unless you are aware of some reason why your TV behaves differently from most other TVs, I would follow my “How To” guide. If you can’t face reading the whole thing because it’s too long, then I sympathise :slightly_smiling_face: but at least read section 18 which has a list of recommended settings.

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