Will a AC Wifi adapter help?

That’s a terrible result. You might try a different channel for your WiFi, or wired of possible. There is no way to know how an AC adaptor will work, but it can’t be any worse than you have now.

:thinking: Well could it be an issue with the Pi itself? The Pi and the router are barely a meter apart, as you can see in the photo.


Try a different wifi channel on your router.

Thanks Tom.

If they are so close, wouldn’t a cable solve all your problems here?


I would have loved to thrown in a cable and be done with it, if not for the passageway between the TV & the router (phone socket). Running a cable across the passageway, regardless of how well it is concealed is a no go as far as the missus is concerned.

That would be my next step, got another dlink router(ADSL2+) as well. i might bridge it up with the ISP’s router and see if that makes a diff. (Got a VDSL connection)

maybe I can shuffle the furnitures a bit and setup the tv unit on the same side as the phone socket and run a cable after all.

Well an AC adapter surely should be easier and give you a burst upto what ever the Pi can play