WinSCP Permission Denied

I am trying to upload a custom remote.xml file (that I always used with Raspbmc)to /usr/share/kodi/userdata/ but always get a"permission denied" error - either via FTP or WinSCP (in SCP mode) logged in with the generic OSMC password. What am I doing wrong (total Linux newbie, so please forgive me)?

Use port 22, sftp, and osmc user, osmc password.

In WinSCP from the launch window select your connection then Edit>Advanced>SCP Shell>and change it to sudo -s then save. This will give you root access to the Pi filesystem so be careful, when done change it back or make a second connection for normal use. Also in SCP settings it would be wise to change the default editor to Notepad ++, obviously you will have to install it first, this will preserve unix line endings when editing files which will save headaches.

Thanks. That worked (which is more than can be said for the remote.xml)!

Thank you Dilligaf for your post!! Just help me as well on RPI3. Searched a while for the proper solution. Glad to find it here :slight_smile: