Wireguard fails to install with November update

Yes – and that would happen anyway without headers (although we do provide them in APT)

@sam_nazarko After installing the latest OSMC update I realized the patch I gave you here wasn’t quite right, because it didn’t account for the kernel package architecture. My apologies.

The wireguard package on vero364 wants wireguard-modules:armhf, but the latest kernel is providing wireguard-modules:arm64, which apt ignores. So the dependency still isn’t satisfied.

Now that I’ve learned how to build the OSMC kernel, I fixed my original patch and actually tested it this time. On OSMC platforms where the kernel and user space architectures differ (which is just vero364 and rbp464, correct?), the “Provides” line needs to specify the user space architecture. That required hacking build.sh.

Thanks for the PR. I’ll check it out tomorrow.