Your Top 3 Skins?


I’ll wait for stable 18 release and then try Aura.

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Xonfluence, a lean mean configurable Confluence

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  1. Aeon Nox Silvo
  2. Aeon Madnox
  3. OSMC

What this guy said. I’ve been an MQ guy since 2015

Aeon Nox

Surprised no one mentioned Titan. A little resource heavy, but it’s so customizable and u have it set up to do everything I could want. Works really well with my Emby backend.

I see that a lot of these skins have horizontal menus. Last I checked, the OSMC skin was vertical only. Will the OSMC skin support a horizontal menu in the future?

  1. Aura
  2. Artic Zaphire 2
  3. Embuary

Embuary Skin Preview

( Leia ready )

  1. Estuary V2 Mod

Aeon Nox


Did an upgrade today (May 2019) and it is gone, gone, gone.
This was my first upgrade in 2019. We play local media, not internet media, so new is the enemy of stable to us. Only upgraded because a TV recording was having playback issues and a reboot didn’t fix it.
3+ yrs ago, I tried a few other skins, but something didn’t work out of the box with each.
Life is about changes. Here’s hoping this round of skin tests finds one that isn’t ugly AND works. I found the new default skin hard to read. The subdued colors are like trying to read purple text on a black background. My eyes just can’t see it.

There is definitely good news - the upgrade did make the playback of that recorded TV show work perfectly. :wink:
Just hope I haven’t given up PlexBMC addon support by this change. It isn’t mandatory, but can be handy from time to time. There is always the DLNA interface, but as everyone knows, it sorta sucks.

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You can still have confluence with a little extra effort. I too wish it was still simply available in the repo.

Change isn’t always bad.
I knew that delaying the update for 6+ months was going to have impacts. I’m inclined to move forward, to one of the newer, supported, skins. Until I look at the new options, it is impossible to determine all the great new features included.

Eminence since years ago, using “kodi” since it was named XBMP on original xbox.

I’ll take a look on that Embuary skin, but I preffer text name over posters hehe.

Edit: tested Embuary, nice one but I’ll keep on Eminence

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You can fully adjust all colours of our skin, if that would help :slightly_smiling_face:

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Just use Xonfluence - it’s more or less exactly the same, but updated for compatibility and with additional customization options.

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I use Eminence 2 now, but by far my favourite was Grid. Unfortunately it doesn’t work with Leia

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Grid seems to be working again check Grid for Leia


Thank you so much @k2u3! I had found people had hacked the old version of Grid into working, but this is great news!

Thanks again