10-15 second delay when browsing video directories

After selecting Videos > Files > Movies (which is a shared SMB directory) in Vero 4K, an animated OSMC logo appears for 10-15 seconds or longer, before showing the directory content. This behavior is consistent and reproducible. @grahamh suggested in a different thread that this may be caused by the network or the drive spinning up. However, this happens even when the drive is spun up, and the Vero is placed within 1-2 feet from the router.

How big is that directory? Like how many sub directories? And can you try using a cable to make sure it’s not a problem with the WiFi?

Less than 200 subfolders with a video file in each of them, and maybe 4-5 subfolders with additional subfolders that also have video files.

I will try with a network cable.