1080 stream too much for Vero 1 and Vero 2? SOLVED (VPN speed responsible)

Hi Everyone,

Hoping that someone can help answer this as I’ve spent ages trying to fix but it might just be a limitation of the Vero 1 and 2 hardware.

I stream footy using a NBC subscription, using a VPN connection and the NBC sport live addon. It works perfectly up to 720 resolution but I am unable to get a 1080 stream to work well.

I have tested the same stream on my Mac, using same VPN service and internet connection and they work perfectly so I’m confident it isn’t the stream source that is problematic.

I’m wondering if somebody could take a look at the attached screenshot of the 1080 stream info and let me know if it’s likely that the CPU load and/or stream speed is just a little too high for the Vero to cope with?

For clarification - I have both a Vero 1 and Vero 2 and neither are able to play the 1080 streams for more than a few seconds before the frames drop/picture stutters and sounds goes.

Any thoughts appreciated - if you can confirm that it’s pushing the Vero hardware a bit too much I’ll stop wasting time trying to fix it and settle for the 720 streams. :slight_smile:

Many thanks in advance.


1080p H264 should be no problem on Vero 1 or Vero 2.Thanks for attaching the photo – this is quite helpful.

vq: 0% means that the video buffer is empty. The most probable cause here is that the stream is slow. If you download the file and try to play it back locally, I suspect you won’t have a problem. Is it possible to try that and let us know how it goes?


Thanks for the response Sam - I was pretty sure the hardware was up to it!

However one question… the 1080 streams work fine on my Mac (using Kodi and same VPN connection) - wouldn’t that suggest that the stream speed is fine?

Would increasing the video buffer size (if possible) help?

Thanks again Sam!

It’s possible the Mac has a larger buffer. It also depends how the Vero is connected (WiFi / wired etc), so I’d definitely try playing it back locally off a pen drive if possible.

We default to 20MB and I don’t usually recommend adjusting this, but you can see this resource which might help you out: http://kodi.wiki/view/HOW-TO:Modify_the_video_cache.


OK thanks Sam.

Apologies if this seems like a dumb question but whats the best way to download a stream?


I am not sure for this add-on.

Try adding <cachemembuffersize>0</cachemembuffersize> to your advancedsettings.xml to see if it’s a buffering issue.


Hi Sam, looks like VPN was the cause. Tested a Smart DNS connection and everything works as should.

thanks for your assistance - I’ve edited title accordingly.

Glad it’s all sorted