1080P and 720P H.264 video

I have two RP-2 used as media centers. One is connected with HDMI to a new model Samsung 1920 x 1080P TV and the other via composite to an old Sony SD projection TV, both wired connections.

The first RP-2 connected to the Samsung displays a black screen when connected to one of my six H.264 720P security cameras and the second PI connected with composite to the older Sony will not display any H.264 1080P home video from the media server as well as from the one 720P camera.

When stopping the streams a frame or two is always visible for a very brief period with both PI,s though which I found odd.
The log file with with debugging doesn’t appear to show any issues and is from the PI connected with HDMI.

Is there a codec missing that could/should be installed?
I should mention the same issues are present with both OSMC and RC2 and RC3.