1080p H265 - Blurred Horizontal Line At Bottom Of Video

I’m now starting to encode my Blu-ray rips to h265 using Handbrake 1.0.7 and noticed that when I view them on the Vero 4K (using a projector, 100" screen) there is a thin but obvious horizontal line at the very bottom of the video that appears slightly distorted / blurred. It does not exist in the original h264 rip. I’ve tested the h265 video using VLC on Win 10 and it does not appear to be there. Anyone else notice this issue or know of a fix?

Could you first try with the handbrake “Nightly Build” which should contain the most amount of fixes?

Considering how the issue does not appear to exist when using VLC I’m not sure how using a nightly would make a difference, but I’ll give it a try when the current queue has completed.

Did more testing and I think I’ve got to the root of the issue. It turns out that Handbrake doesn’t always auto-crop the black bars properly for 1920 x 1080 BD rips. For instance, the Blu-ray of Titanic was auto-cropped at 1920 x 830 when it should be more like 1920 x 800. The extra 30 pixels at the bottom didn’t look right for some reason on the Vero 4K and a 100" screen (though I didn’t notice the same type of blurring when tested with VLC on a 20" screen, maybe due to the smaller screen size). At any rate, I redid the film by cutting out the 30 pixels on the bottom and now it looks as it should. Time to fix Logan now …

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