10bit files not played

hello All,

I think it’s a well known issue, I am just checking if someone found a workaround.



yup: Grab a Vero 4K for £99 today - OSMC


lol Nice one.

What people need to know, is that the hardware of the PI is not able to handle HEVC codecs… Not powerfull enough, and no hardware decoding capability.

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lol Best workaround yet the downside is my Vero 4K + has been on backorder but that is cool I can wait. I ran into this problem once again last night my question is is it auto set. Meaning is it just going to play out of the box or am I going to have to enable something?

It’ll work out of the box.

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Sam Do you live here you like on the game on every post haha The best customer service. Now let’s get down to brass tacks so there’s a name in there in that list for the U.S. Bruce B why don’t you go ahead and put that bad boy on top of the list I won’t mind it will be between me and you. :slight_smile: :grin:

Thanks for your kind words.

Can’t bump you up on the list I’m afraid but we are working 24 hours a day on the backlog now. You will get it very soon.


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I hope you know I was just joking.

Yep — I got that, no sweat

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