10bits support problem

Just updated the July update.
To enable 10bits support we need to edit the rc.local?
I do this like said in the 10 bit support test thread.
I 've a jvc 5500 beamer. It supports 10bits colours.
I now have 10 bits at kodi starts. It works for 1080p movies too…
Bit for 2160p 10bits movies I’ve a blank screen…

Thanks a lot

@sam_nazarko I am having the same problem. Post update all of my HDR content stop working and my Samsung TV not giving me the message that HDR Content playing.

What specific logs and steps you want me to follow to identify the issue?

I got one other box on old FW and HDR display message coming.

TV Details:
TV Model:
SAMSUNG SUHD TV - KS8000 - 60’’

Do you mean that you see nothing?
Or do you see the video, just not output as 10-bit?

For now, as 10-bit is still in progress, you need to add:

echo '444,10bit' > /sys/class/amhdmitx/amhdmitx0/attr

to /etc/rc.local before the exit 0 line and reboot.

Please can you:

  • Post a debug log of the problem
  • Post a small sample that exhibits the problem if possible
  • Confirm whether the video plays OK without the adjustment to /etc/rc.local


When removing the line in rc.local all is fine including 4k HDR content. My beamer just tells me 8bit colours.
Adding the line in rc.local and rebooting the vero4k is ok for the menu and non 4kHDR content. Playing 4k HDR and my beamer shows Nothing.
I disabled for test the refresh rate always option. It works but 4k content is played in 1080p…
Enable refresh rate option again 4k working again but nothing is displayed.

I saw there are new refresh rates in this version. 23,98 and 24 Hz… …

Thanks Sam

The meta data is sent on Refresh Rate adjust (double mode switch). If disabling it means it works, then it means your device isn’t accepting a proper HDR-10 signal.

The JVC does a lot of strange things; for example, it cannot display a ‘true’ 4K signal:

Feed the DLA-X5000 a native 4K source and the projector will first downscale it to Full HD, before feeding it through its e-shift system to inject it with 4K “pixel density”. [1]

The output of /sys/class/amhdmitx/amhdmitx0/hdr_cap would be interesting.

Beware that a lot of 4K projectors actually have a fair few limitations. The new Optoma series of projectors are considered HDR ready. In fact, the definition for HDR ready is a little loose

  • Includes at least one interface that supports HDR signaling as defined in CEA-861-F, as extended by CEA-861.3.
  • Receives and processes static HDR metadata compliant with CEA-861.3 for uncompressed video.
  • Receives and processes HDR10 Media Profile* from IP, HDMI or other video delivery sources. Additionally, other media profiles may be supported.
  • Applies an appropriate Electro-Optical Transfer Function (EOTF), before rendering the image.

So a projector that only does Rec.709 can be considered HDR ready. Make of that what you will…

[1] http://www.trustedreviews.com/reviews/jvc-dla-x5000b-w#VHU7JdFoZIEgaR4o.99

@sam_nazarko my Videos playing but main issue is my Samsung TV not identifying the HDR content post this update.

I did add the line and reboot but no luck… when the TV playing the HDR content it used to show a message.

All HDR content post the update very dull in the screen and not showing the correct colour space what it used to.

How to undo all the changes you done for these 10bit support?

Note that with June update Vero 4K Box with same TV and file (Planet Earth II) HDR message coming.

When a video playing what commands will help me to identify below cases as I can play around and compare.

  1. HDMI resolution (2k or 4K)
  2. File bits (8bit or 10bit)
  3. Refresh rate
    4.HDR content playing or not

In summary my problem is post this update my 4K HDR support TV not identifying HDR content (2k or 4K) sent from the VERO4K.

Please help with above…

A debug log would be a great way to start. It sounds like a different issue to the OP however who gets no picture when playing 10-bit files.

Please show:

  • Debug log
  • Contents of /etc/rc.local
  • Whether adjust refresh rate is enabled (you need it on for HDR-10 to work properly)
  • MediaInfo (to verify file is 10-bit)

You can downgrade to the June version from osmc.tv/download; but then you won’t be getting the latest HDR-10 improvements. This update (July) is the first time 10-bit is working for more users.

Really this should be in a new thread to give OP a chance to get their problem resolved as well.

I Will post tonight my logs when coming back home.
SAM, MY beamer is 5500, perhaps am improvement from dla-5000?

Not sure – the manual should explain the true capabilities



:/# cat sys/class/amhdmitx/amhdmitx0/hdr_cap
Supported EOTF:
Traditional SDR: 1
Traditional HDR: 1
SMPTE ST 2084: 1
Future EOTF: 0
Supported SMD type1: 1
Luminance Data
Max: 0
Avg: 0
Min: 0
root@osmc:/# cat sys/class/amhdmitx/amhdmitx0/hdr_cap
Supported EOTF:
Traditional SDR: 1
Traditional HDR: 1
SMPTE ST 2084: 1
Future EOTF: 0
Supported SMD type1: 1
Luminance Data
Max: 0
Avg: 0
Min: 0

So is my jvc 5500 HDR capable?

I couldn’t find anything to suggest it supports Rec2020.

I’m not aware of any projectors that currently do.

I think it supports bt2020.

Where have you read that? I couldn’t find any mention of it in the specs

As the device doesn’t handle 4K properly I’m inclined to believe otherwise.


That’s only one site to suggest it, but indeed it says it’s supported, so it should work. You may have to activate the 2020 mode as the website suggests though.

Also test with another 2020 source

I Will test tonight.


the JVC projector does not cover the BT2020 Colourspace, but it hits the DCI-P3 with 98% (Filter-Mode). It is also capapble of UHD 10bit HDR @60p. This is working for me with July/ Test Build of OSMC.


Hi Peter
How do you achieve this?
When I try to play a 4k bt2020 video the beamer go blue with no HDMI signal…
When I hit the stop button the kodi menu is back…


i think it is a HDMI-cable Problem for you. I use an active 9m Cable with redmere-technologie. Can you try a similar one? Maybe your problems are gone…