16.1 or 17.1 not working after update

Running raspberry pi 3 with osmc. Ran recent update and nearly everything has stopped working. In ‘system info’ bottom right open source media centre is ‘Kodi 16.1’. In my osmc bottom left 'OSMC February 2017 2017.02-1.
What version of OSMC am I running and can anyone help with my issues.
To list a few that do not work
Update through ‘my osmc’ blank white window runs for few seconds.
Power window blank white window.
Addons blank screen
Video addons sad face

Looks like incomplete upgrade.
Login via SSH and run

sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-het dist-upgrade

If you still have problems upload logs with grab-logs -A

Thanks you. I cannot load the command line via the escape button on restart. I will remove the sd card and try wiping the data and starting a fresh.

Can’t you login via SSH?

No. I usually use a SSH app on my android phone but it will not sink via the WiFi. I believe that the update has not correctly installed as you said and has caused some serious data corruption.
Most of the graphics are not working correctly.
I have wiped the sd and installed the latest osmc program.
Waiting for automatic installation on raspberry pi now.
Will update when completed.

As in update this thread

Everything working fine now. I can only imagine it was either a conflict when updating or possibly that I had loads of addons installed that may or may not of been compatible.