2.4Ghz RF Remote for RPI2


Is there any remote that anyone have that is working with RPI2 OSMC version (out of the box)?
I’d like to purchase RF remote 2.4Gh that will work out of the box

Thanks for your help,

Probably not exactly what you have in mind, but I have one of these: http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=9SIA1PK1R70115&cm_re=2.4_mini_keyboard--9SIA1PK1R70115--Product

That has worked for OSMC and Openelec out of the box on my RP and RP2.

Thanks for your quick reply,

I wanted a remote not a keyboard.


I use the F10 mele pro, works ootb though I used the keyboard layout plugin to fine tune some buttons

Thanks @hsus for your answer.

Does it work with the power button for Wake on lan ?
Does the power button can poweroff the RPI2 ?

Thanks in advance

haven’t got any devices to WOL, I don’t think the power button works out of the box, not even sure if it can be mapped to power off the pi; since there is not really any good way of powering it on again and I don’t really see the point of powering it off when it (almost) doesn’t consume any energy when idle I haven’t even tried it