2.8" Sainsmart TFT screen

So at my local tech store (Microcenter), they have this 2.8" sainsmart screen. I found a page where they linked to someone getting this working, looks to be with raspbian. Can someone familiar with osmc and raspbian let me know if I follow these instructions, there is an actual chance of this working?


Just as a note, I have since returned this and got the 3.2" sainsmart screen that is “for raspberry pi”. it has a pinout that fits the pins on the pi just fine, however I’m still running short on getting anything but a white screen (which means i’m getting power)… anyone else try this one from microcenter?


Sainsmart is compatible with the pi…Check out this page:


I have a 2.8 screen and I had to use a vendor image of raspbian (kernel pre-compiled version with the screen drivers) to get any image on the screen, else you’ll just see a white screen.

I don’t believe you’d have an easy time getting osmc to work with these screens, and even if you could, how are you going to display kodi on these screens.

You should look for the screen vendor image of raspbian which you can burn on an SD card or instructions on how to get it working.

I’ll try that then. The goal was just to boot directly to pandora, and use it to replace my Sony dash that stopped working. Then the dash started working again so I gave up on the whole thing for now. With the right skin it has a decent touch interface, much like android’s version