2 entrie for 3D and HD movie ! HELP!

Hi everyone !

I have a concern I am trying to solve for a long time,I put on my server films in 3D and 1080P, all works fine except when I put the same movie in 3D and 1080p (to be able to see this film in 2D if I want)…

this creates me two entries in the kodi’s library, so I wonder if it is possible or if there is an add on that allows me to creates an entry that will let me choose if i want to see my movie on 3d or not?:grin:

Thank you !


I believe you have much more chance to get an answer to your question in the Kodi Forum (http://forum.kodi.tv/) as the topic is not mainly related to OSMC
If you find a solution there it would be great if you update this thread.

If you name the movie correctly after the kodi naming conventions, a 3D film will be detected as such by kodi and will give you the option when launching it to view it in 2D or 3D. No need for multiple copies.