2 pairs of headphones - low quality sound

Hi, I have Raspberry Pi 4B as media center with my projector and two pairs of headphones connect with mini jack spitter to watch netflix with my wife. I’m looking for some sound enhancement (USB sound card maybe with bluetooth because one headphones have that option).

OSMC isn’t available on the RPi 4 yet buddy.

Also RPi 4 has bluetooth built in, so not sure a USB sound card would be necessary.

Yes, sorry. I have libreelec on it :slight_smile:
I mistake forum.

Yes I know that Rpi4 has bluetooth but cannot play two pairs of headphones (jack + bt) at the same time.

This is possible with PulseAudio.

Hi, on libre elec I don’ t have sound when I connect jack headphones and bluetooth phones on pulseaudio. I want to try on my osmc connected to tv but there I have ALSA, HDMI and HDMI+ analog only.