2 Pi's on same network [SOLVED]

My Pi2 arrives tomorrow.

I’d like to move my current PiB to the bedroom and use the Pi2 with the main TV. Both will be running OSMC.

Will the two Pi’s recognise each other on the network and assign different hostnames? Obviously they will have different IP addresses allocated.

You’ll need to edit /etc/hostname and /etc/hosts as well as change the names in Kodi>Settings>Services


Great - thank you. With sudo nano then I guess…

As for the Kodi>Settings>Services I think its called “kodi” by default - does it have to match my hostname that I create?

Slightly confused as it is osmc for username and password at the moment and in Services it’s kodi.

Does not have to match your hostname.

Username and password for Kodi are to access Kodi web services, not OSMC


Thanks Sam.

So, I’ll create a hostname for both - osmc1 and osmc2 but in Kodi>Settings>Services I can have kodi1 and kodi2.

Is my understanding there correct?

Logging in via SSH will then require username osmc1 or osmc2 and password osmc. Understand the webservices.


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These changes have nothing to do with username so they will still be user osmc in both. I use the same name in both Kodi and hostname but it’s not totally necessary

I have indeed read this. Thought by osmc1/osmc2 you were referring to hostname

I was thinking of using hostnames of osmc1 and osmc2 but think it might be better to use rpi1 and rpi2 for the hostnames.

SSH login, as you say, stays at username: osmc and password: osmc as I am only changing the hostnames.

In Kodi>Settings>Services I might make that Kodi1 and Kodi 2.


BedPi and TVPi, then there is no doubt as to which is which.

All working - thank you.

I made the hostnames osmc1 and osmc2. As advised I changed etc/hostname and etc/hosts.

Under Kodi>Settings>Services I called them Kodi TV and Kodi Bed.

Seemed daunting but quite easy.

Thank you.