2 Raspberry Pi's won't boot after using using OSMC image

I just used the image for OSMC with 2 different SD cards on a RPi 2 & RPi 3… now both won’t even boot to the rainbow. (even with no SD card in them.) :rage:

Anyone else have this problem?
Anyone else fixed this problem?

Did you choose the right image?

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Yes, I downloaded the latest for 2/3/3+…
I will try to download an older version, but I am worried that I can’t do anything because it won’t even boot now :-s.

Well if even an older Image fail than surely something is wrong.
Are you using the official installer to write the image to the SD Card?

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I just had a look, I didn’t see that there. I went right for the download link at the bottom.

I haven’t installed anything until right after the RPi 3 just came out.
I used to use SDformatter and W32Diskimager, like we used to.

I will give that a go.

Oh my god, I thought they were dead.

That worked!

Thank you SOOOO much… my old man will be so happy too.

Thank you!