2016.2-4 Disk Image

Hi, just wondering why there is no disk image available for 2016.2-4 for rpi2? Is it possible to add this to the disk image download list please? Thanks.

Because it takes time to compile them, things just don’t happen in an instance!
Expect they will be available in the next 24 hours if all goes well.

The 2016.04-1 disk image is already available

There will be no 2016.02-4 image for Pi 2 because there wasn’t a 2016.02-4 update for Pi

Sam, interesting because OSMC app is showing 2016.2-4 on screen. See attached screen shot.

Fzinken, sorry. I didn’t mean to sound rude. Thanks for the update. Although it seems that there may be something odd going on with the version of my OSMC considering what Sam has written.

2016.02-4 was not released as an image for Raspberry Pi. It existed for Pi but it was only a version bump for this platform.

Your device will show 2016.02-4 because it was a base-files-osmc bump for Pi only (this is a meta to track version revisions) but on other platforms it included other package changes.

So there is no point rebuilding images for Pi when we only bumped version up. We only changed stuff for Vero 2, but we bumped across all platforms for consistency.

Hope that clears it up. Nothing odd is going on.

Thank you for clarifying this for me Sam. I am always impressed with your dedication to helping people on this forum. Thank you for OSMC, it is awesome!