2017 OG 4K Vero Remote

My Original remote started going bad, the “navigate left” button would not trigger… so wondering if there are any alternatives I can buy that would be compatible with the dongle? Like Amazon? Trying to avoid spending $30 US from the Vero shop for a replacement.

The Dongle would be 1:1 linked to a single remote so you could not use this dongle with any other remote. But normally you can use any 2.4 Ghz remote that comes then with it’s own dongle.

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Instead of a simple remote you can also use wireless keyboards; I love my mini keyboard “Rii i8+ mini” which is the most used device to control my veros, here. Very handy if you need to quickly enter text e.g. you search for things in the mediacenter library, etc.

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Ordered, thx for the suggestion

Welcome, here just pictures (this has German keyboard layout)