2020 october update, failure, reverting back

Hi, I tried updating my raspberry pi3B+ with :

  • Offical 7" touch screen
  • Hifiberry digi+
  • RII remote

First hifiberry card don’t play any music anymore.
Then i tried to switch to analogue output to check if the issue is a hifiberry one, no sound either.
Then RII remote begin to be unstable.
After some tests to reconfigure and reboot the system hangs completly after a few seconds up.
Then ssh reboot order have no effect.

I’ve read lot’s of topics about various issues with various hardware with October 2020 update and i’m almost lost about handling this.
I’m reverting to the June version.

Is there a major problem with this release ?

Best regards

Considering that we only have seen a handful of reports (mainly for heavily customized system) compared with thousands of successful upgrades I could not see a major problem with this release.

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If you post some debug logs, you will have a better chance of getting your problems fixed.

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Thank you grahamh.

I don’t really need a debug as i revert back.
When i do this i realize issues are related to /boot partition and overlays, so the update in some way don’t preserve hardware capabilities.

My purpose, after months of touchy setup to get an osmc stable for playing music (with artist info and touch screen with some capabilities), is i’m wondering why an update, which is recommanded by the system can cause so much trouble.

I don’t need neither want to be in a beta mode state, and it will be a good thing not to have spending time making backup of whole filesystem before applying an update and/or having an easy way to revert back.

When i updated to the new release i was happy to do this, but after that i wasn’t able to play any music during 2 days with this device.

So i will reserve some new partitions on it to troubleshot the new version when i will have time for this, a pretty long process.

Understood. Obviously we can’t test every combination of hardware and software before a release. Let us know if you want us to look at it for you.

I don’t have access to any modern HifiBerry hardware anymore – just some very old models from the Pi 1 era.

From reading your post – it sounds like your power supply is problematic if you have so many affected peripherals