23.98Hz not available?

Hi Johan

Over the last couple of hours I did some work refining the N/CTS clocks to work around some AVR / display setups that might be problematic. This might give you better 23.976Hz playback, but it might give you worse playback. I would be interested in you testing this and some feedback.

Try this on Vero 2:

wget "https://www.dropbox.com/s/abjy1thcy4t5lxt/vero2-image-3.10.102-8-osmc.deb?dl=0" -O vero2-image.deb
sudo dpkg -i vero2-image.deb
sudo reboot


Okay! Will try!

Hope you saw my previous post aswell

Yes I did – give that a go, and let me know if you have problems with SSH.


I’m Reading youw wiki now about Logs and SSH

I work as fast as I can ! : )

Did I make it?

Not quite.

You need to copy each command individually. It also looks like you didn’t copy the first line in its entirety.



YOU DID IT : D : D : D

Epson reports 23,97fps and I do not see any 41 sec glitch… Wow!

I am glad to hear this.

I am going to send this to some other users like @Smasher who get occasional stutter. I need to make sure that there are no negative effects before including it in OSMC.


Good work… and thanks!

Sorry, not so quick today. Got the flu.

But I managed to watch a couple of minuttes of some movies for test. There was no stutter.
Also tested some SD movies, just in case.

Then I watched an entire movie (140 min), where I enjoyed the movie, and was not starring directly after stutter.
But I didn’t notice a single “error”/stutter. :smile:

So yes, @sam_nazarko… I too, think you did it :smile: :smile:

Will be watching another movie tonight, from bed.

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Thanks for testing. Get well soon.

Hi Sam

This fix is not included in osmc yet, right? I tested the september update with my Vero2 and my projector reported 24hz and did stutter every 41 sec.

I reversed to august and did sudo the fix. All stable again.

(With the september release AND the sudofix I did get freezes every 30 minutes or so during playback. Therefore august.)

No hurries :slight_smile: just curious


The changes for improved 23.976Hz support were included in OSMC’s September update. I’m not sure what you mean by the ‘sudofix’.


Sorry bad English. I meant the image you provided earlier in this thread that I downloaded, containing the N/CTS fix, via SSH.

I’m on holiday now but will test more in a week.


Hi Johan

The September image that was posted on the website was not updated until yesterday, so if you downloaded this, you would not have been on the latest version of OSMC which includes this fix. Try grabbing the image again and seeing if the issue persists. If it does, I will gladly take a look at this for you

Best wishes



Hello Sam

Spent several hours now and the 41 sec glitch is definitely still there in the latest september update.

If I revert back to osmc august and apply your “N/CTS fix” with ssh, the glitch is gone and I have perfect playback and my projector reports the input signal to be 23.97 fps, with osmc september same Epson reports 24 fps.

This is with Vero 2.



That doesn’t sound right. Can you submit disp_cap output for both kernels.

I’m mobile, but if it isn’t covered above or you’re not sure what needs to be posted, just let me know


No stress at all Sam.

How do I submit disp_cap?

I’m kind of a beginner.

Do you need some logs from me instead? I can try with that