24fps vs. 29.97fps switching based on source

Movies are obviously 24fps but my TV collection – some of it ripped from DVD’s – is usually 29.97fps. I assumed the Vero would switch to the “native” frequency of the source material during playback but my Samsung indicates that’s not happening. No matter what’s playing, the Sammy reports it’s playing at 24fps. This causes the occasional judder when playing NTSC 29.97Hz content.

I have Kodi settings configured properly (or so I think) to auto-switch frame rates on playback start/stop but apparently I don’t. Any guidance?

Please play a 29.97 file and upload logs via My OSMC so we can confirm settings and behaviour


Ugh. False alarm. For some reason the DVD (in this case, Star Trek Deep Space Nine series) is encoded as 24fps, not 29.97fps as I would’ve expected for a TV series. So it’s not the fault of the Vero. Oh well, thanks anyway.