24p and HD-audio passthrough?

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I am considering getting a Vero 4K and still need one essential question answered.

I assume that the Vero 4K is based on Linux. If that’s the case then I am wondering if HD-audio passthrough works flawlessly with 24p video.

I know from Libreelec installed on my home theater PC that there is a Unix problem that prevents HD-audio passthrough if refresh rate is anything below 50Hz/60Hz.

To make a long story short:

Will 24p MKVs playback in 24p and have HD-audio passthrough?

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Yes you can play back at 24p with passthrough without any issues.

You just have to enable Adjust Refresh Rate when you receive your device

Do you recommend setting it to “on start/stop” or to “always” ?

Start / Stop.


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Thanks, Sam! Vero 4K ordered :slight_smile:

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