2nd gen OSMC Usb tuner

Hi Sam. I just ordered a second osmc usb tuner and received it today (thanks for the fast delivery) but kinda gutted to read on another post that there’s a second gen tuner in production, not far from release, which I wasn’t aware of. Are you able to share what improvements will be made on the new version? Thanks.


Unfortunately it might be a while before the second one works :slight_smile:, so you may have done yourself a favour.

The second generation tuner won’t be functionally different. See OSMC DVB-T2 Adapter not appearing as DVB-T2, Can't Find Channels - #48 by sam_nazarko for some background.

We can swap this over if you would like.


Thanks for the information Sam, and your offer to swap this out. Now that I’m aware of the situation, I’m more than happy to keep my second OSMC tuner. Finally managed to tune HD channels onto the vero 4k this eve so I’m happy. Thanks again bud.

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Brill – thanks for your understanding.

Glad all is working well for you now. DVB took a while to get there, but things are definitely now much improved.