2nd Vero using shared Lib from 1st Vero


I am so happy with my Vero 4K that i want another for my 2nd TV.
Now my question is: Can the 2nd Vero use the shared Movie library from 1st Vero and vice versa?
Another question is related to the remote. Will there be some interferences when using the devices in separate rooms but literately only approx. 30 feed (10m) away?


To share the library you will have to setup a MySQL instance (https://kodi.wiki/view/MySQL) or use uPnP (https://kodi.wiki/view/HOW-TO:Share_libraries_using_UPnP). With the first I have good experience, not a big fan of uPnP but guess that should work.

I’ve got 2 devices about 10m away from each other. Haven’t noticed any interference. The remotes are paired to their specific device.

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