3,5" Touch Screen Display for OSMC?

I have this 3,5" Touch Screen Display:

Is there a way to display OSMC on it?
Since I do not have much idea of Linux would be a good guide.

Thanks for your help.

I doubt it, looks like it requires a x-server that OSMC is not providing

First of all - it is not OSMC you want to display ot it, it is Kodi.

Second - I have the same device, and you need to install the raspbian version of Linux on that device.
Hacking the support for this touch-screen under OSMC would be way too complex for a beginner. Even I stopped trying to do it (playing with linux for 25+ years now) as it started to become a real nightmare.

So - install raspbian, and follow the guides to install Kodi on it. Then it should work.

Thanks for your help.