3-9-2018 osmc system update fried my rpi3 will no longer boot

Not much to do but create a new image from scratch… :frowning:

Rather a dramatic title!
Not much point in creating a new image, were the RPi3 really fried!

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>300k Rpi have updated without issue. Unfortunately, less than .1% have reported issues during upgrade. There are any number of reasons why, failing SDcard, marginal PSU, attempting to complete several upgrades at once after having skipped a few… Without any useful diagnostic info there’s no telling why. The fact that so few are affected is almost certainly indicative of local issues than a systemic one. OSMC has provided a backup utility for rapid re-deployment of Kodi configuration, but it’s useless for anyone who fails to take a backup of their existing config.

Sorry wish I had some useful info. Will load a new image and see if boot success or if there was an unrelated failure. OSMC on RPi3 has been super awesome for me so it will be worth getting things up and running again. I will post the outcome.
Thank you

Sorry for your loss! Make sure to take a backup after you finish your config! And most importantly, ENJOY!

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