3 Crashes this morning

Using Raspberry Pi Kodi 18.7 Clicked on update library and it crashed 3 times in a row https://paste.osmc.tv/udalakidoz

It looks to me like Kodi didn’t crash, it was shut down by the OS because it ran out of RAM. Does this happen if you let the library scan finish before browsing pictures or doing anything else?

Yes I was viewing pictures when the said face showed up

You applied the update on 11 June. Have you used the system since then – and is this the first time you’ve experienced such crashes?

It’s difficult to say for sure what happened but one possible interpretation of the log is that you’re having prolems with the SD card: either the card is broken or the file system has become currupted, causing Kodi to go “rogue” and eat all the memory. Less likely, but perhaps still possible, is that a Kodi add-on or iffy configuration is causing the problem.