3840x2160 UI appears interlaced

For some reason the device is outputting 3840x2160 UI with an interlaced appearance. Actual media is seemingly not affected, thankfully.

If you run the UI in 1920x1080p and your media is 1920x1080p or lower, no issue. If you run the UI at 1920x1080p or 3840x2160p and run 2160p media, the UI appears interlaced. That means anyone with a 4K TV will experience this with 4K media.

For my setup I need to run the UI at 2160p due to a limitation of Samsung’s flagship Atmos soundbar, so for me all the posters, artwork, UI when navigating Kodi are all pretty ugly.

Here’s an example. First image is Vero 4K+, and second is Vero V:

Thanks for the report. We could reproduce it and we have a fix.

Just need to check that we don’t need to make any further changes as the change may impact 3D playback.

It will then shortly be released as an update. As we haven’t done a hard launch yet we are doing continuous updates for V so you won’t need to do anything like activate the staging repository for this to work.


The necessary fix has now been included and we’ve verified that 3D isn’t broken.

Thanks for the report. You should receive the update in about an hour.


Never any doubt. You guys are the best.