3d bluray iso playback functionality issue - skipping chapters

Hi all

I have spent some more time now with the Vero 4k+ and must that I am still very impressed with how it handles 3d.

I have, however, encountered one bothersome issue: If I skip several chapters ahead on the iso disc while in-movie, the Vero 4k+ seems to lock up or something, as my projector loses the signal then. I first thought this was an issue of the streaming speed at which the Vero4+ was able to extract data from the network, but I see now that this is not the issue. Perhaps it more pertains to how the program is dealing with skipping requests? I notice that if I skip very slowly ahead (wait a little before skipping to each subsequent chapter), the likelihood of the Vero locking up seems smaller. Anyhow, guidance on this would be appreciated, as it is bothersome to reboot the Vero by pulling out the powercord on the back of it every time this happens.

So far, this is the only issue I have encountered on my 3d iso playbacks. Again - super awesome how the Vero handles 3d.


Last I heard, this was a known issue with some ISOs. For some reason I haven’t quite got my head round, it can’t jump straight to a given time-stamp, and has to basically scroll all the way through the film from the start to figure out where to go. It does eventually unfreeze, but it takes as much as a minute or two for that to happen. (Subsequent skips during the same session should be quick, it’s only the first one that causes a freeze).

You could get around the issue by remuxing to 3D MKV format (which is fairly quick, and lossless) - try using MakeMKV.

@tanio99 might be able to elaborate on this.

This is unfortunately a limitation with libbluray – the Blu-ray ISO implementation used by Kodi.
It’s best to use MKV containers instead.

Thanks guys for the quick reply. No worries. I like my ISOs and can live with this issue. Not a dealbreaking issue, as long as one is aware of the limitation. Does not affect straight up playback of the isos.

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