3D FP playback issues

Hi guys,
I am a proud owner of a VERO 4K+, with OSMC 2021-11-2 and Kodi 19.3 on it. Sometimes I watch 3D movies in different video and audio formats, here is what I have found.
If my white list under my video settings is not empty, than there is no chance to watch 3D movies. The only way is if I leave white list empty and set the video player refresh rate settings at “on start/stop”. This alone would not bother me, apart from the fact that 4K video handling is a bit problematic without white list, but that issue I will present in an other ticket.

3D framepack playback looks quite allright to me, except
(i) there is no way to passthrough HD audio, you’ll get no sound at all if you choose an HD audio stream
(ii) in every 3-5 seconds there is a little jitter or shrudder on several parts of the actual frame played back.

I use the recommended video and video playback settings, yet found no solution to this problems. Just to avoid unnecessary questions: using the same projector and AVR and the same source files and PowerDVD as a playback software on a windows PC no issues at all, beautilful 3D picture wihtout any jitter and hussle free HD audio passthrough.
Am I setting something wrong or found an issue?

We need debug logs so we can see what the issue is here, as well as verify your settings.

Neither of these should be the case.

If your display supports all resolutions, I’m not sure why you’d need whitelisting…

Let’s close this, and pick it up in Automatic refresh rate issue on UHD video playback - #12 by sam_nazarko, because it seems related.