3D Frame Packed output on Vero 4K+

The Vero 4K+with OSMC is still not able to play 3D from ISO3D-Files.

In this forum i can read that this support is since years and still in work. Which state has the progress? Is there any chance that the Vero 4K+ will be able in the near future to play 3D frame packed films in native 3D?

THX for your answer!


Still in testing (but quite stable), chances are that it becomes stable branch in the first half 2021

You can play 3D ISOs today – but you need to install the test build.

Thats great, what is your estimation for the stable version release for 3D iso playback capability?

It will be part of the Kodi v19 release for Vero 4K/4K+

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