3D Hardware vs Software Selection

I’m putting this in ‘general’ because I’m not sure if this is something which can already be done. We can move to feature requests if that’s what this truly is.

Is there a way to have Kodi automatically select hardware 3D decoding per movie, such as by filename or embedded data? This would make it significantly more satisfying when attempting to play something back. I’ve got no problem (re)naming my movies with ‘3D MVC’ or similar to differentiate them from the usual ‘3D SBS’, etc.


I’m aware of those tags, but how would I need to name them to trigger Kodi (OSMC Kodi, that is) to automatically utilize hardware-based 3D playback for a 3D MVC movie?

What version of Kodi / device are you playing on?

You will only get 3D MVC on Vero 4K/4K+ on Kodi v18 or v19 or Pi 2 / 3 on Kodi v18 and earlier.

Kodi v19 on Pi doesn’t support 3D MVC on any device.

Is your problem that it’s not switching to 3D automatically when it should, or that it is switching to 3D when it shouldn’t?

All my 3D files are named with a .3d.mvc. in the name - e.g. Avatar (2009).3d.mvc.mkv - and they all switch when they should.

Vero 4K+ w/ Kodi 18.9 (final?) buster test build you guys released.

What I’m looking to do is have 3D MVC movies I’ve ripped from Blu-ray automatically played using OSMC’s built-in hardware-based decoding.

Ahhh! I wasn’t aware that the OSMC version of Kodi recognized filenames with “3D MVC” in them! If that’s all it takes… PERFECT! :+1:

That’s a version that includes the v4.9 kernel, right? (That’s needed for 3D playback).

Sure is.

I renamed a movie to include ‘3D MVC’ and it correctly defaulted to using hardware decoding, so your suggestion to do so was the correct solution. Thank you!

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As a note, mkv has metadata to identify the 3D format. If you use a tool like mkvtoolnix to set the 3d format, then you don’t need to have it in the filename. Also keep in mind that although the majority of 3d videos are left-eye-first, there are some which are right-first, and you can’t specify that with just the filename. You need to correctly set the format in the mkv itself in order for that to be detected correctly.

I am aware of those, but I don’t believe any of those settings would tell OSMC/Kodi to use hardware decoding on MVC files, would they? If there is a way, let me know which setting would accomplish that.

The main things you should check are that “Settings>System>Display>Stereoscopic 3D>Preferred Mode” is set to “Same as movie”, and “Settings>Player>Videos>Stereoscopic 3D>Playback mode of stereoscopic 3D videos” is set to “Preferred mode”.

That should ensure that the output format matches whatever the video specifies (i.e. MVC will be output as frame-packed, SBS as SBS, and TAB as TAB).

EDIT: The above assumes that you’re using a Vero 4K (or 4K+) - the settings on a Pi are a little different.

That’s how I’ve always had it, but I just didn’t know about the MVC flag in the filename. I’m good now. Thanks!