3D icons in OSMC skin?

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Is it possible to have any form of 3D icon in the movie library in OSMC?
I see its there in Confluence, but I’d be so sad to change to that as I think your skin is much nicer … :wink:

Running OSMC w. KODI 17.6 on RPi2

CC @Chillbo

If you stick to the file naming suggested in the Kodi wiki (3D - Official Kodi Wiki, no blanks allowed though), there will be a 3D label shown in the media flags in the bottom left corner of your library. Hope that helps :+1:t2:

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Should this also work if I changed the regex (I use XXX.[3D].YYY) for 3D in the advancedsettings.xml?
Or must the file be named XXX.3D.YYY to show the 3D icon in the library?

This is probably what you’re referring to (from the Kodi wiki page about advancedsettings.xml: advancedsettings.xml - Official Kodi Wiki):

  <stereoscopicregex3d>[-. _]3d[-. _]</stereoscopicregex3d>
  <stereoscopicregexsbs>[-. _]h?sbs[-. _]</stereoscopicregexsbs>
  <stereoscopicregextab>[-. _]h?tab[-. _]</stereoscopicregextab> 

This only alteres the way Kodi triggers the switch to the 3D playback mode for playback. It doesn’t have anything to do with skins. The naming conventions are outlined in more detail in the linked post below.

For a more detailed list of what our skin supports, see here: The OSMC Skin


Yes exactly, that’s what I was talking about.
Thanks for the link - I will change the filenames accordingly.