3D iso Blu Ray support

Does OSMC support 3d Blu Ray iso playback?
If this is the case which hardware would I have to pair with OSMC to get this feature?

This will work on the Vero 4K or 4K+.

Thank you, picking one up asap.

As of right now, it’s necessary to install a test version of the OSMC software to get 3D support on the Vero 4K+. This isn’t particularly difficult, and the test software is pretty stable, but it’s something to bear in mind. 3D support will be available in the next release of the standard software. We don’t yet know exactly when that will be.

As of right now, it’s also possible to get 3D playback from a Raspberry Pi 2 or 3 running OSMC, but this feature is going to be removed in the next software update (for reasons beyond the OSMC guys’ control). It may eventually be added back, but the timing isn’t at all clear. So, as Sam says, you should probably go for the Vero 4K+ if 3D is a priority.

3D support on the Vero isn’t quite perfect yet; there are a small number of films (Avatar, for example) which give you occasional pulses of macro-blocking during playback. And there are also a few that, if played in ISO form, can give you a rather long pause the first time you try to skip forwards or backwards. Otherwise I think it’s pretty solid - good image quality, depth-correct 3D subtitles, all good stuff.

Sounds good. Thanks for the run down.
I mostly want it for the ISOs but good to know where it’s at.
Also ordered it.